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SAPS faces mounting accusations of failing to guard ex-cops ‘under threat’

A disturbing paradox sometimes occurs in front of court buildings, especially in Cape Town – those of organized crime suspects arriving for cases with several privately appointed, or self-described, guards, while police detectives may have a smaller constable protection detail. This suggests an imbalance, with criminals having more security reserves at their disposal than those … Read more

Police corruption, incompetence, and outdated systems impede the SA’s control over guns

Ten years ago, the South African Police Service (SAPS) confirmed that there was an “ongoing investigation across the entire gun license issuance value chain”. According to a July 12, 2013 government statement, allegations of fraud and corruption at the Central Firearms Register (CFR), sometimes called the Register, were under investigation at the time. A report … Read more

Weapon Controls in ‘Awesome’ SA: Dealers Guild Speaks

South African Arms and Ammunition Dealers Association (SAAM)weather forecastrepresents various individuals and trades, including arms manufacturers and importers, and works to protect their rights, while Gun Free South Africa Works to reduce gun violence in the country. The two organizations may not always agree, just based on their names. But both strongly agree that the … Read more

SA’s firearms control failures stem from police corruption – new report

Corruption related to police licensing of firearms has resulted in thousands of firearms falling into the hands of criminals. And it gets worse – “Over the past 20 years, there have also been a number of cases [Designated Firearm Officers] At the police station level, they allegedly took bribes to facilitate the processing of license … Read more

The intriguing case of a snoozing captain, angry seal, and drug smuggler off the coast of South Australia

The high seas along the South African coast hold secrets about global drug trafficking. Police often intercept illegal drug shipments on land, especially in the country’s ports, which is an indication of what is happening on the ocean waves. A recent court ruling in Australia, involving a criminal gang that included a French captain and … Read more