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South Africa ranks in the top five African countries with the best infrastructure, says Ramaphosa

“LLast year, the South African Institute of Civil Engineering gave the country’s social infrastructure a D rating, with an E or fail. The passenger railway scored particularly low, achieving an E. The president said that the country is still experiencing a storm The severe consequences of failing to maintain public infrastructure. He said that we … Read more

Action Side goes to court in an effort to overthrow Tshwane President Mnsidi Ndzwana

ActionSA has approached the courts in an attempt to force Tshwane Council Speaker Mnsidi Ndzwanana to submit to a motion of no confidence against him. Actionsa Gauteng chairman Fonzi Ngobeni said the court’s bid was a last resort as Ndzwanana was blocking attempts to remove him from the speakership for “trivial reasons”. “Action Side does … Read more

ActionSA brings NSFAS Direct Payment System to court

ActionSA Western Cape student forum chair Matthew George alleged that “NSFAS bank accounts” offered by four inexperienced providers offered much more expensive solutions than those offered by four of the largest commercial banks, all of whom were failed bidders. He said they have received multiple requests through their NSFAS complaint database indicating that transaction fees … Read more

“Let us remember Madiba by working for peace,” says Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa said the country’s contribution to world peace By supporting conflicting communities, this is largely a result of Mandela’s legacy. “Our experience negotiating an end to apartheid and building a multiparty democracy is regularly sought by parties seeking an end to conflict.” The president noted that the country played a role in quelling conflicts in … Read more

“We can’t be bullied by Likota’s friends,” Madisha says.

Madisha accused Mofokeng of clinging to the presidential title because he benefited from the bidding by virtue of being a regional party leader. “If he loses this position, he will lose his bids. He deals with the government,” he said. It was illegal for Makobili to interfere in party affairs by removing a COPE personnel … Read more

ActionSA is taking legal action on the “Nasi Ispani” initiative of Lisovia

“ActionSA cannot allow state resources to be used as a campaign tool. If the ANC and Sofie have nothing to hide, then they have no reason not to disclose these documents to us. Ngobeni said the party had already written to the chairman of the Gauteng Provincial Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCPA), Suchil Kanele, … Read more

The Women’s League working group criticizes a “talk” about voluntary intervention in the conference

“We are members of the ANC first before we become members of the Women’s League. We join the ANC first before we join the league. We don’t expect interference from the ANC, we are the ANC so we don’t know to which party you mean. Letsoha Matal said the task force itself was appointed, not … Read more

Postponement of the ANC Women’s League conference to alleviate registration challenges

Party stalwart and team work contract Run away Mbete He said it was important to resolve disputes and appeals before the start of the conference to avoid delays in registration. Mbeti, who also chairs the National Dispute Settlement and Appeal Commission, said it was unfortunate that her team was mired in disputes. “You file your … Read more