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City Power reconnects 50% of the electricity supply that was damaged by the gas explosion

City Power has confirmed that it has switched power to some residents within the Johannesburg CBD who were affected by last week’s blast. Half the city went dark after an underground gas explosion on Wednesday damaged 29 cars, injured 48 and killed one person. The city, which promised to restore basic service on Monday, began … Read more

Mashatel’s protectors have been accused of ignoring South African law

“You have made a lot of enemies in specialized units. We will deal with you.” That’s the shocking message sent to the man who circulated a video of Vice President Paul Machattel’s mother-in-law attacking motorists on the highway earlier this month. The incident, which occurred on the N1 in Johannesburg on 2 July, once again … Read more

The Joburg CBD explosion is closing many small businesses

While the city of Joburg has declared nearby buildings safe from the underground blast, businesses in the area are beginning to bear the brunt of reduced foot traffic. The underground gas explosion that occurred on Wednesday at Lilian Ngoyi Street, formerly Wild Street, affected businesses. Since the accident, the entire street has been without electricity. … Read more

“Illegal Mining Didn’t Cause Joburg to Explode” – City Administrator

The city manager of Johannesburg has ruled out the possibility that illegal mining was responsible for Wednesday’s gas explosion. Floyd Brink, who was providing technical updates on their investigation Friday afternoon, said their investigation shows that no humans live in the tunnels that run in the underbelly of the CBD. He showed media photos taken … Read more

Muthumbini stopped eating meat in preparation for the role of a murderer

Eager to perfect the role, Mthumbeni said her research included visiting the former killer at her accommodation at the Thokoza Women’s Hostel in central Durban. “It was important for me to prepare my mind and body for this character because it’s a one-woman show. Physically and emotionally, it’s exhausting. I’m talking for an hour and … Read more