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As elections approach in Zimbabwe, main opposition party ‘threatened by Mozambique’s FRELIMO’

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Citizens’ Alliance for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa, has alleged that Mozambique’s ruling FRELIMO party has deployed a vigilante group in some parts of Manicaland province, allegedly threatening businesses and opposition supporters. The allegations come on the heels of President Emmerson Mnangagwa warning foreigners not to interfere in Zimbabwe’s … Read more

The violence escalated tensions in Zimbabwe ahead of the August elections

Zimbabwe’s main opposition citizens party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), led by Nelson Chamisa, has alleged that some of its members are staying away from their homes following a wave of violence allegedly inflicted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling Zanu-PF party in some parts of the country. from the country. Country. This comes despite Mnangagwa … Read more

Mnangagwa is passing “draconian” legislation to silence critics ahead of the August elections

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday signed into law a bill imposing penalties on citizens who portray a negative image of the country, ignoring a chorus of disapproval from opposition parties and pro-democracy groups. The Criminal Code Amendment and Reform Bill, commonly referred to as the Patriotic Code, punishes Zimbabweans for “willfully harming Zimbabwe’s sovereignty … Read more

Kasukuyer’s savior appeals after being prevented from contesting the ZIM elections

A Zimbabwean court on Wednesday barred exiled former government minister Savior Kasokwer – a key ally of the late President Robert Mugabe – from running for president in the August 23 general election, saying his candidacy was illegal. Kasokwer, who was driven out of the country during the military-assisted transition that Mugabe was forced into … Read more