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A SA couple has been sentenced for illegally exporting vulnerable cymbal lizards

Husband and wife Gerald and Elisha van der Westhuizen were found guilty on Monday and sentenced at Kempton Park Magistrates’ Court for the illegal export of vulnerable Snegizer lizards and money laundering. “It is necessary to recognize that biodiversity crime, unlike other forms of crime, is a time-critical issue. Our natural resources are finite and … Read more

Electricity Minister Ramukjoba is “very upset” about the delay in Koeberg

Speaking at a media briefing on Sunday, Electricity Minister Kgosincho Ramukjuba said it “should concern us” that Unit 1 at Koeberg remains non-operational after it was decommissioned in December 2022 for planned maintenance, refueling and life extension in preparation for its 20-year extension. The unit at the nuclear power plant was supposed to be back … Read more

Firearms and assault charges for VIP protection unit officers after the N1 attack

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, malicious damage to property and unlawful pointing of a firearm are the charges brought against eight high-ranking police officers who are allegedly involved in a brutal attack on motorists on the N1 in Gauteng earlier in July. Robbie Rapurabo, a spokesperson for the Independent Police Investigations Directorate … Read more

More water tankers have been deployed in Joburg amid the water system shutdown scheduled for this week

The planned 58-hour Rand Water shutdown, which began on the night of Tuesday 11 July, has left residents in some parts of Johannesburg without water. The water shutdown, which was to expire on Friday, July 14th, at 5 am, was implemented to allow upgrading of piping in the Rand Water system, with the general aim … Read more

Snow blankets blankets parts of Johannesburg as freezing winter weather continues to take its toll on Gauteng

“We were getting ready to start our day, and then suddenly the weather changed – it was overcast and then it started snowing,” said Jethro Moyo, a construction worker in Johannesburg. “We call it ice, we didn’t know it was snow, because when it falls it melts!” Moyo, like many people across Gauteng, was surprised … Read more

He urged residents to stock up on water before next week

Joburg residents should brace themselves – and start filling their water pails – before a scheduled maintenance shutdown that will knock out water across the city next week. Johannesburg Water says this shutdown is necessary to complete maintenance and modernization requirements at Rand Water’s Eikenhof pumping station. As Rand Water supplies water to Johannesburg’s reservoirs, … Read more