Kristin Engel, Author at Latest News

Floods, fires and health concerns were cited at the hearing in Cape Town

Species depletion, severe flooding, fires and health impacts from burning tires, gas from illegal dumping sites, constant sewage flows and other pollution are named as the impacts of climate change that people in the Cape Metropolitan Region are facing during the final public hearing on climate change law at the Desmond Tutu Community Hall in … Read more

Nigerian environmentalists combat wildlife crime

In the backyard of Nigerian conservationist and educator Chinedu Mugbo, what started as a small place of refuge for threatened and endangered animals in 2012 has grown into an educational wildlife sanctuary with nearly 200 rescued animals. Rescued animals are rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild. Mugbo has been very interested in animals … Read more

Educated people in Cape Town are turning rubbish into money to develop their schools

A local and national government initiative is using the circular economy model to slowly transform resource-starved communities in Cape Town, where illegal dumping and waste accumulation is a perennial problem, changing the relationship children and residents have with waste. Called the iThemba Phakama 4Ps (People, Public, Private, Partnership) project, it motivates free school learners to … Read more