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The confidential document reveals South African fears that the status of the Agua trade agreement is under threat

The document regarding the status of Agowa in South Africa was a deliberation by high level envoys sent to the United States by President Cyril Ramaphosa to explain South Africa’s position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and to push for the retention of South Africa as part of the since. The document, dated March 23, … Read more

Ramaphosa’s ally Cisese Tolashi defeats Patapele Dlamini to be elected president of ANCWL

The ANC Women’s League conference elected new leadership in the weekend Sissi Tulash He took over. Former league leader Dlamini Saidwhich once enjoyed great support from the members, managed to get only 170 votes. The first sign of Dlamini’s demise was her apparent lack of alignment with ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa’s faction in the party, … Read more

Putin is moving away from the BRICS summit

Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency officially announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not be attending brix summit. In a statement released on Wednesday morning, presidential spokesman Vincent Maguinia said Russia would be represented by its foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. “By mutual agreement, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the summit, but the Russian Federation will … Read more

President Ramaphosa warns that arresting Putin risks war with Russia

Russia has made it clear that arresting its current president would be tantamount to declaring war. President Cyril Ramaphosa said “It would be against our constitution to risk going to war with Russia”. “I have constitutional obligations to protect national sovereignty and the peace and security of the Republic and to respect, protect, promote and … Read more

The court annulled the ANC’s Ekurhuleni conference after disqualifying the branches

The Johannesburg High Court ruled that the ruling party Ekurhuleni Regional ConferenceMarred by violence and internal strife, it must be set aside. The applicants are: Derek Sithole, Rethabil Samson Lokele, Dolly Molly Nkosi, Bekezile Philip Thuala, Chidisu Joseph Sole, Moses Likolo Moreko, Jean Stato and Romeo Mukoni. They claimed that depriving several branches of participation … Read more

A determined Panyaza Lesufi on Gauteng ANC will do everything in his power to keep the DA out of power

President of the African National Congress Gauteng Banyaza Lisove He revealed that the party was looking at increasing the capacity of the mayoral committees by creating the post of deputy mayor in the municipalities governed by the ANC. Another measure that the ruling party intends to take is to limit the number of motions with … Read more

“There is no evidence or content of a plot to overthrow Machatel.”

vice president Paul MachattelHis tenure in office was marred by allegations that put him in a precarious position, but President Cyril Ramaphosa set the record straight on what was reported as a coordinated and strategic effort to remove Machattel. On Sunday, the president spoke during a media question-and-answer session following the three-day ANC National Executive … Read more