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Calling on civil society to advocate for “game-changing” public administration reforms

the New South Institute The National Institute of Statistics (NSI) has called on civil society organizations in South Africa to take an active role in engaging and supporting public service reforms that it believes can change the quality of governance. About 35 people attended a virtual gathering – reform agenda – on Thursday, including representatives … Read more

10,000 children from South Asia in a national tournament

For the Mandela Day coding tournament, ‘Code4Mandela’, 10,000 school children gathered in 75 locations across South Africa on Tuesday. The young programmers worked in teams of five, racing their way through a game designed to teach basic coding concepts. Championship he was leading concrete Africawhich is a joint project between the Department of Computing Science … Read more

Russia’s underground resistance to Putin’s propaganda about the war in Ukraine, according to activist Alexander Cherkasov

Although it has been more than 500 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, the roots of the war stretch far back in the past. The aggression of the Russian regime is not new, with conflict crimes and those who commit them with impunity, moving from one war to another over many years. Alexander Cherkasov, former head … Read more

South Australia’s National Blood Service is calling for more donors amid a blood supply crisis

South Africa’s National Blood Service (SANBS) has warned that blood stock levels will drop during the winter holiday period, calling on more people to come forward as donors. The nonprofit aims to maintain a five-day reserve for each blood group, but struggles to keep levels above three days. We are in the midst of a … Read more