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A violent thunderstorm wreaks havoc in Milan, and more so from around the world

A downed tree blocked a road after a severe storm toppled trees and destroyed several parked cars in Castello Sforzesco, in Milan, Italy, July 25, 2023. A very violent thunderstorm, with continuous discharges of lightning and sudden gusts of wind, similar to a heavy storm, hit Milan and a good part of Brianza and northern … Read more

Why am I online? Research shows that it’s often about managing your emotions

Most of us Go online several times a day. About half of all 18- to 29-year-olds were surveyed in 2021 Pew Research Study They said they are connected “almost constantly”. How do we make sense of this important digital dimension of modern life? Many questions have rightly been asked about its broader consequences for society … Read more

Snap elections in Madrid, Barbie Ball, and more from around the world

A person poses for photos at the Barbie Pool Wunder Garten in Washington, US, July 22, 2023. REUTERS/Julia Nickinson A screenshot shows Matthew Keith’s collection of Barbie dolls during an interview with Reuters in Los Angeles, California, US, July 21, 2023. REUTERS TV / via REUTERS A person holds a plate with Barbie-style meat tacos … Read more

The Skeletons of San and Kweku – how a South Australian university sought to restore the dignity and justice of the past

It has been nearly 100 years since the skeletal remains of nine people were removed from their graves on a farm near the town of Sutherland in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. They were donated to the University of Cape Town’s (UCT’s) Department of Anatomy by Karel Gert Coetzee, who discovered them and … Read more

The ancient cold state of a Homo star

Located along the southern slopes of Magaliesberg, About an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, is a thin piece of land, barely 60km by 20km. This is a global treasure trove of ancient bones and fossils – the world’s richest source of evidence for understanding our human origins. The archaeological significance ofThe cradle of the human raceIn … Read more

Welcome to Barbieland, where not everything is as perfect as it seems

Before you even get to the contents of the movie itself, live-action Greta Gerwig Barbie Shake things up. When it comes to gaming and nostalgia, males have traditionally dominated the conversation. The women may be collectors and artisans, but the enthusiasm men have for their favorite characters, underpins 40-year-old franchises like He-Man and Masters of … Read more