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The confidential document reveals South African fears that the status of the Agua trade agreement is under threat

The document regarding the status of Agowa in South Africa was a deliberation by high level envoys sent to the United States by President Cyril Ramaphosa to explain South Africa’s position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and to push for the retention of South Africa as part of the since. The document, dated March 23, … Read more

There are no complete recordings, no disqualifications, says the head of the PP 194 investigation

On Monday, the committee chair, Qubudile Dyantyi, said the arrested PP had funneled just nine minutes of a one-hour conversation recorded during the “sting” into the “trap” of ANC MP Tina Jomat-Peterson on charges of bribery. And despite making a “full disclosure” including screenshots of WhatsApp communications between himself and Joemat-Pettersson, PP failed to do … Read more

UCT protest against anti-gay academic Patrick Lumumba at EFF event

On Monday evening, the EFF held its 10th anniversary celebrations at Sarah Baartman Hall at the University of Cape Town, where Professor Patrick Lumumba – an African scientist from Kenya – was the keynote speaker. Students, staff and community members protested Lumumba’s presence. He is outspoken against the LGBTQI+ community and has publicly supported the … Read more

Nomaindia Mfeketo is stepping down as SA Ambassador to the United States, a year ago

Nomindia Mphikito, South Africa’s ambassador to the United States, is set to step down in mid-August, more than a year before her term is due to end. On Monday, embassy staff announced the departure of Mfkito, who is believed to be seriously ill. were largely absent during period of great stress In relations with the … Read more

“We were protecting the second most important citizen in South Sudan”

Eight officers of the Presidential Protection Service attached to Vice President Paul Machattel’s security unit appeared before the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on Monday to request bail after They give themselves up To the Independent Police Investigation Directorate (Ipid) Sunday noon. They face 12 counts that include malicious damage to property, assault with intent to cause … Read more

The suspects appear before the Mpumalanga court for stealing R1m fuel from Eskom

According to Eskom, theft of heavy fuel oil is a highly organized criminal activity. The gangs involved are enriched by the proceeds of the illegal trade in the stolen product. Heavy fuel oil is used to start and stop coal-fired power plants. It is also used in a range of industrial applications, including marine vessels, … Read more

A deputy threatens to sue Zaki Ahmed and #UniteBehind for defamation of Barasa

Zackie Achmat and #UniteBehind refuse to respond to a letter of request from former Prasa boss and Member of Parliament Sfiso Buthelezi. In the letter, Buthelezi threatened to sue Ahmed for libel if he did not retract in writing and pay two million rand in damages for “reputational damage”. It comes after Akhmat said, during … Read more

Maverick’s daily accreditation to the Russia-Africa summit has been revoked

Russian authorities canceled Monday Daily Maverick Foreign policy expert Peter Fabricius is accredited to cover the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg this week. This came after Fabricius had previously obtained accreditation to travel to Russia for the second Russia-Africa Summit on July 27-28. He was notified in writing that he received accreditation for the event … Read more