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Supreme Court asks NPA to rescue children from Eastern Cape church after congregation testifies to police killings

The youngest defendant in the trial of six of the seven Angels Ministry members in Ngkobo, who were linked to a brutal attack on the city’s police station in 2018 in which five police officers were killed and several seriously injured, was sentenced by the Eastern Cape Mthatha High Court, on Tuesday, to 18 years … Read more

Here are the Daily Lotto numbers

Daily lotto Here are the Daily Lotto numbers: Download the News24 app via the Play Store or iTunes App and get free Whisper Moments after every lotto draw with winning numbers. handle Here to download the News24 Android app or Click here to download the Apple News24 app. Please note that the information provided here … Read more

Maseko’s Thulani and the advertisement, which activists suspect, have angered the Swazi monarchy

It’s been six months since a prominent Eswatini human rights lawyer, Thulani Maseko, was murdered in cold blood in front of his family. The killers are still unknown and the motive for killing him is still a matter of speculation. Political activists and the broader civil society insist that Maseko was assassinated by state agents … Read more

The St. James Massacre: After 30 years, the church is offering a special service to commemorate the tragedy

St James’s Church in Kenilworth. Thirty years ago, 11 people were murdered at St James’ Church in Kenilworth. The tragedy was called the St. James massacre. And on Tuesday evening, a special service was held in the church in memory of the tragedy. Exactly 30 years ago, Azan People’s Liberation Army gunmen killed 11 people … Read more

Educated political leadership stimulates economic growth and prosperity

The South African political system does not take education seriously. Education has lost its value as an essential feature of political leadership. It is neither a requirement of our Parliament nor a consideration of the leadership in the political parties. The political environment has become so vulgar that educated people are made to wrestle with … Read more

The United African Stokvel digital investment scam has spread from South Africa to neighboring countries

Daily Maverick In direct contact with investors – invested amounts range from less than R15,000 to over R500,000 in several instances. The victims are mostly between the ages of 30 and 50, with a large number of young investors between the ages of 2 and 30 and at least two retirees. Many are afraid to … Read more