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Educated political leadership stimulates economic growth and prosperity

The South African political system does not take education seriously. Education has lost its value as an essential feature of political leadership. It is neither a requirement of our Parliament nor a consideration of the leadership in the political parties. The political environment has become so vulgar that educated people are made to wrestle with … Read more

Can the “threat of war” justify non-compliance with the Rome Statute?

While the matter regarding South Africa’s commitment to the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin was finalized by agreement between the parties in the Pretoria High Court on 21 July 2023, some questions raised in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s deposition remain unanswered. These are questions regarding the alleged threat of war linked to the arrest of … Read more

Upgrading identity to permanent status brings anti-corruption to a standstill

Justice Minister Ronald LaMola has announced that next month the Cabinet intends to publish a bill for public comment aimed at elevating the National Prosecuting Authority’s Directorate of Investigation to what he calls “permanent” status: a misstep that would take South Australia’s anti-corruption efforts to a long dead end. Shortly before the minister’s announcement, shadow … Read more

The African Union’s flawed handling of the war with Ethiopia does not bode well for peace in Africa

in 2016 the the African Union (AU) adopted Perfects A roadmap for practical steps to silence the guns by 2020. Its primary objective is to stop human rights violations, humanitarian disasters and violent conflicts, and to prevent genocide. It is one of the leading projects in Africa Agenda 2063described by the African Union asBlueprint for … Read more

Big Tech and Journalism – We need solutions to the threat to the media and public democracy

We have brought together journalists, news publishers, media organizations, academics, activists, lawyers, and economists from 24 countries, all with the common goal of finding solutions to the crisis facing the long-term sustainability of journalism and how this intersects with the behavior of big technology platforms. It is clear from the audience here that this crisis … Read more