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A SA couple has been sentenced for illegally exporting vulnerable cymbal lizards

Husband and wife Gerald and Elisha van der Westhuizen were found guilty on Monday and sentenced at Kempton Park Magistrates’ Court for the illegal export of vulnerable Snegizer lizards and money laundering. “It is necessary to recognize that biodiversity crime, unlike other forms of crime, is a time-critical issue. Our natural resources are finite and … Read more

Climate change is bringing an array of pathogens to humanity’s doorstep

Across the planet, animals — and the diseases they carry — are morphing to absorb the world on the fritz. And they’re not alone: ​​ticks, mosquitoes, bacteria, algae, and even fungi are on the move, changing or expanding their historical ranges to adapt to climatic conditions that change at an extraordinary pace. These changes do … Read more

Floods, fires and health concerns were cited at the hearing in Cape Town

Species depletion, severe flooding, fires and health impacts from burning tires, gas from illegal dumping sites, constant sewage flows and other pollution are named as the impacts of climate change that people in the Cape Metropolitan Region are facing during the final public hearing on climate change law at the Desmond Tutu Community Hall in … Read more

Jordan promises that “even if the long wires don’t come, the electricity will.”

On Friday morning, Eskom marked another milestone in its foray into the world of decentralized energy systems by launching a small containerized electrification project in a remote corner of the Northern Cape. At the end of 62km of locomotive-packed road followed by 90km of unforgiving, rocky gravel road, the tiny tower of Swartkopdam has long … Read more

How learning to live with sharks can save us – and the ocean

in Shark Awareness Program at Iziko Museums, South Africa on July 14, A.J Talk to a team of shark experts Daily Maverick about the threats and vulnerabilities facing sharks and rays in today’s world, and how human change and climate change can amplify these threats. “The human impact on sharks and their vulnerabilities are very … Read more

Wildfires raging in Canada disproportionately affect Indigenous communities

Of Canada’s total population of about 40 million people, only 5% of that number identify as Aboriginal. That’s nearly two million people, according to 2021 Census of Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Wildfires are displacing Indigenous communities across Canada, burning homes and forests and threatening cultural activities such as fishing, hunting and gathering of native plants. … Read more

Unfair transition – the majority of the energy poor are ‘women and girls’

Prevailing narratives about a just energy transition assume universal access to energy, but one in three people do not have access to electricity. Most of those suffering from energy poverty are women and girls, said Sheila Oparaucha, director of the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy. “The dominant narrative of a just energy transition … Read more