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What is bread today? Easy as chicken pie

The ancient Greeks knew their pies as… Artocreasa pie that looks upside down, with a bottom crust, but not a top crust. The Romans, who appropriated (stolen or were inspired, depending on who you ask) about almost everything from the Greeks, including their gods, art, architecture, literature, cuisine, and language, may have been the first … Read more

Lekker Brekker Monday: Take a taco

Who said you shouldn’t have dinner for breakfast? This recipe puts eggs and bacon in a “taco,” setting you up for any Monday. I’ve added a pancake batter recipe which is a four-ingredient multi-dry mix to keep it ready. Keeps for weeks in an airtight container. Simply whisk it in with the milk and oil … Read more

AirFryday: Don’t lose your temper

Perfect for snacking or with Friday evening drinks, these nuts are just as addictive. Inspired by the new Air Fryer Cookbook by Louise Kinney – Foolproof Air Fryer: 60 Quick and Easy Recipes That Let Your Air Fryer Do the Work —which will go on sale in October (Jonathan Ball Publishers) I’ve modified their recipe … Read more

Healthy muesli and seed rusk

For hundreds of years, rusks have been a favorite tea snack, especially in South Africa. Filed in the name of rusk By the Dutch in the late 17th century, rusks were initially a tasty comfort food that traveled well and did not spoil easily. No wonder the unsweetened originals supported ancient sailors and Voortrekkers on … Read more

Creation Wines ranks in the top five on their list of the 50 Best Vineyards to Visit in the World

A slice of paradise in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley has just been named the world’s must-visit vineyard and the largest wine farm in Africa. This is also the fourth time that Creation Wines has been listed as the number one property on the continent. It joins the prestigious collection of Catena Zapata Wines in Mendoza, Argentina … Read more