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Putin to skip the BRICS summit, and solve the diplomatic dilemma of South Africa. Finland asks Russia to close its consulate

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia deliberately attacked the infrastructure for grain deals as he ordered his military to beef up port defense and diplomats to step up contacts with partners to continue exporting Ukrainian crops. He was quoted by the Interfax news service as saying that Ukraine is examining options to restart the grain … Read more

Russia pulls the plug on grain export deal; Putin vows to respond after drone attacks on the Crimean bridge

Russia’s decision to halt the Black Sea grain deal followed explosions that Moscow said forced it to suspend road and rail traffic across the main Kerch Strait bridge linking Russia to occupied Crimea. The Kremlin blamed Kiev for the waterborne drone attacks that killed two people and closed Russia’s main artery to military and civilian … Read more

Russia’s underground resistance to Putin’s propaganda about the war in Ukraine, according to activist Alexander Cherkasov

Although it has been more than 500 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, the roots of the war stretch far back in the past. The aggression of the Russian regime is not new, with conflict crimes and those who commit them with impunity, moving from one war to another over many years. Alexander Cherkasov, former head … Read more

Putin downplays Kiev’s counterattack efforts

The Ukrainian Armed Forces announced slow but tangible progress in their attempt to push back the Russian occupation forces, which continue in at least three regions in the south and east of the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin Discuss the US supply of cluster munitions to Ukrainesaying that Russia would retaliate if the bombs were … Read more

The US defense secretary “has no doubt” Kiev will join NATO. Biden says Russia cannot afford years of war

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov cited a “very productive” NATO summit meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, and described a total of more than $1.5 billion in military pledges. He indicated that it included Scalp missiles, Leopard tanks, Patriot anti-aircraft missiles, and training of pilots on F-16 fighters. on Twitter. Russia’s main Ural crude oil price breach … Read more