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Joburg Explosion: Thousands in the dark warned vehicles and pedestrians to stay away from the site

About 2,800 homes remain without power as officials work to declare the site safe before power is restored. Motorists driving in the inner city of Joburg should be warned not to park their cars on barricaded sections of Lilian Ngoyi Street, the city warned Monday. City Manager Floyd Brink said motorists who do not comply … Read more

‘Tragedy indeed’: A jam in underground pipes may have caused an explosion – Mayor of Joburg

Johannesburg Mayor Kapilo Guamanda said none of the water, gas and electric mains “clogging” the city’s underground infrastructure may have caused the blast on Wednesday afternoon. A person was found dead under the rubble of a taxi on Thursday morning. People have been warned to stay away from the area where the blast occurred due … Read more

Rand water outage: Mayor of Joburg satisfied with water supply if taps run dry

The Executive Mayor of Johannesburg has joined a supervisory visit to the Helen Joseph Hospital to ensure the water is safe to drink. Areas of Johannesburg are already experiencing low or no water pressure on the second day of the Rand water outage. The mayor said the hospital would likely have to resort to using … Read more