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A psychologist told the court that the leader of pedophilia, Gerhard Ackermann, suffered from a pedophilic disorder

Gerhard Ackermann, a pedophile and rapist, was found guilty of more than 700 counts at the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on April 24. Melinda Sturman/Network24/Gallow Images In April, Gerhard Ackermann was found guilty of more than 700 counts. Sentencing proceedings began on Tuesday, with the state arguing for an increased sentence. The court heard … Read more

‘We need to look at root causes’: Child protection experts call for urgent action

A Cape Town woman who allegedly poured boiling water on a 5-year-old boy faces charges of intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The incident brought to light the issue of child abuse. Experts say urgent intervention is needed to prevent child abuse cases like these. Child protection experts said combating child abuse requires the participation … Read more