Closing Soon! International Scholars Program At University Of British Columbia

The International Scholars Program at the University of British Columbia is closing soon! This exclusive opportunity offers a transformative academic experience for aspiring scholars. Engage in cutting-edge research, collaborate with top-tier faculty, and immerse yourself in a vibrant global community. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your education and broaden your perspectives at one of the world’s leading institutions. Apply now before it’s too late!

Overview of International Scholars Program

Eligibility Criteria

The international scholars program at the University of British Columbia requires candidates to be international students with outstanding academic records and a proven leadership potential. This means that applicants must showcase excellent grades, involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership roles within their communities.

To qualify for the program, aspiring scholars need to complete an online application form, submit essential documents like transcripts and reference letters, as well as pay the necessary application fee. These steps are crucial in demonstrating a candidate’s commitment and suitability for the prestigious scholarship opportunities available through the program.

Application Process

The awards offered under the international scholars program include the International Impact Award, Vantage One Excellence Award, Karen McKellin Leader Award, and Donald A. Wehrung Award. Each award recognizes different qualities such as global impact, academic excellence, leadership skills, and financial need among international students.

When applying for these scholarships, candidates have access to various funding options that cater to their specific strengths and circumstances. By carefully reviewing each award’s requirements and aligning them with their own achievements, applicants can increase their chances of securing financial support for their studies at UBC.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline

Applicants for the International Scholars Program at the University of British Columbia must be aware that the closing date for submitting their applications is fast approaching. It is crucial to ensure that all required documents are submitted before this deadline, as late submissions will not be considered. Missing this deadline could result in exclusion from the program.

First-Round Offers

Successful candidates can anticipate receiving their first-round offers by a specified date via email. To stay informed about their application status, applicants should regularly check their email inbox for updates on these offers. Being attentive to emails is essential to avoid missing out on important notifications regarding acceptance into the program.

December 1 Reminders

December 1 holds significant importance in relation to scholarship applications for the International Scholars Program at UBC. Applicants need to complete all necessary steps before this critical deadline to ensure they remain eligible for consideration. Forgetting or neglecting any requirements by December 1 may lead to missed opportunities and disqualification from securing a spot in the program.

Awards and Benefits

The International Impact Award at the University of British Columbia (UBC) acknowledges students who have created a positive impact in their home country or globally. It offers financial assistance for undergraduate studies at UBC, requiring a distinct application process.

For academically exceptional international students entering the Vantage One program at UBC, there is the Vantage One Excellence Award. This award covers full tuition fees and provides extra funding for living expenses during their studies.

The Karen McKellin Leader Award is designed to recognize students exhibiting leadership skills and dedication to effecting change in their communities. This award provides financial support for undergraduate studies at UBC.

Exceptional international students who have triumphed over significant obstacles to pursue higher education can benefit from the Donald A. Wehrung Award. This prestigious award covers full tuition fees, living expenses, and other study-related costs at UBC.

Application Steps

Applying for the closing soon! International Scholars Program at University of British Columbia involves following specific steps outlined on the UBC’s official website. Make sure to include all necessary documents with your application and check for any additional requirements related to each award.

Successful applicants will receive an offer of admission from UBC. It is crucial to accept this offer within the provided deadline to secure your spot in the program. Further instructions about accepting scholarships will be communicated after you confirm your acceptance at UBC.

International students looking to participate must acquire a study permit before studying at UBC. For detailed guidance and information regarding the study permit application process, refer to the official UBC website for solutions and assistance throughout this critical step.

Preparing for UBC

Housing Applications

To secure preferred accommodation at UBC, apply through the Student Housing Portal. Deadlines and availability vary, so early application is crucial. Living on campus offers convenience and a vibrant community experience.

  • Apply via Student Housing Portal
  • Early application recommended

Course Registration

Register for courses using the UBC Student Service Centre following the registration schedule. Ensure you meet all prerequisites to avoid any delays in your academic journey at UBC.

  • Register through Student Service Centre
  • Meet course prerequisites

Early Arrival Guidelines

If planning to arrive early, review UBC’s guidelines for early arrival to understand additional costs or requirements. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure a smooth transition before regular activities begin.

  • Review early arrival guidelines provided by UBC
  • Understand extra costs associated with arriving early

Financial Information

Tax Information

International students at UBC may have tax obligations in Canada. It is crucial to understand Canadian tax regulations to ensure compliance. Seeking guidance from experts can be beneficial.

Loan Procedures

Exploring available loan options for international scholars studying at UBC is essential. Researching eligibility criteria and understanding the application procedures for loans is important to secure financial assistance.

Bursary Applications

UBC provides bursaries to support students with financial need. Checking the eligibility criteria and being aware of application deadlines for bursary programs can help alleviate financial burdens on international scholars.

Academic Preparation

ELAS Details

International students applying to the University of British Columbia (UBC) may need to fulfill the ELAS requirement. It is crucial to understand what ELAS entails and complete any necessary steps before commencing studies at UBC. This ensures a smooth transition into academic life at the university.

To meet this standard, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English through tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Understanding the ELAS requirements early on can help students adequately prepare for their academic journey at UBC.

A-Level Results

As part of the application process, submitting your A-Level results is essential when applying to UBC. Ensuring that you meet the minimum requirements for admission is vital for a successful application process. Strong performance in your A-Levels showcases your academic excellence and increases your chances of acceptance into UBC’s programs.

Meeting these academic standards demonstrates your commitment to pursuing higher education and excelling in your curricular pursuits. By understanding and meeting these requirements, you pave the way for a rewarding academic experience at one of Canada’s top universities.

Land One and Science One

Exploring specialized programs like Land One and Science One offered at UBC can provide unique opportunities for students with specific interests. These programs come with distinct admission requirements tailored to students passionate about land or science-related fields.

Orientation and Integration

Jump Start Orientation

Consider participating in Jump Start, a pre-arrival program for international students at UBC. This initiative helps ease the transition to university life, providing essential information and resources. By joining Jump Start, students can familiarize themselves with campus facilities, academic expectations, and support services before the semester starts.

Involvement in Jump Start allows students to build connections with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of community early on. Engaging in this orientation program promotes wellness by reducing stress associated with adapting to a new environment. Moreover, it enhances inclusion by ensuring that all students feel supported and prepared for their academic journey at UBC.

Residence Move-In Day

Before moving into your assigned residence at UBC, ensure you are aware of the designated move-in day provided by UBC Housing. Following the instructions regarding move-in procedures is crucial for a smooth transition into campus life. Being committed to adhering to these guidelines will help you settle into your new living space hassle-free.

Participating in activities like Jump Start and following housing instructions demonstrate your commitment to integrating into university life effectively. These initiatives are designed to support international scholars throughout their journey at UBC.


The International Scholars Program at the University of British Columbia offers a unique opportunity for students worldwide to excel academically and culturally. With a range of benefits, from financial support to academic guidance, successful applicants can expect a transformative experience at UBC. By following the outlined application steps and preparing diligently for life at the university, scholars can maximize their chances of success.

For those aspiring to join this prestigious program, the time to act is now. Submit your application before the closing date to embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth at the University of British Columbia. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a vibrant international community and shape your future with the support of UBC’s renowned resources and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Scholars Program at the University of British Columbia?

The International Scholars Program at UBC offers opportunities for outstanding international students to pursue their undergraduate studies in Canada, providing a range of benefits and support throughout their academic journey.

When is the closing date for applications to the International Scholars Program?

The deadline for applications to the International Scholars Program at UBC varies each year. It is crucial to check the official website or contact the admissions office directly for accurate and up-to-date information on application deadlines.

What are some of the awards and benefits available through the program?

Participants in the International Scholars Program can benefit from various awards such as scholarships, research grants, mentorship opportunities, and access to exclusive events that enhance their academic experience and help them thrive at UBC.

How can prospective students prepare themselves academically for applying to UBC’s International Scholars Program?

Prospective students aiming for admission into UBC’s International Scholars Program should focus on maintaining high academic performance, engaging in extracurricular activities that showcase leadership skills, seeking out challenging coursework relevant to their intended field of study, and obtaining strong letters of recommendation.

Is there an orientation program offered as part of joining the International Scholars Program at UBC?

Yes, incoming participants in UBC’s International Scholars Program receive comprehensive orientation sessions tailored specifically to international students. These sessions cover essential topics like campus resources, cultural adaptation strategies, academic expectations, and ways to maximize their university experience.

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